FCC Topshot Competition

The FCC TopShot competition is run annually.

This competition is open to individuals who are members of Camera Clubs that are affiliated with the FCC.


TopShot 2016

Topshot Exhibition was held on Sunday 29 May 2016 at the North Sydney Leagues Club, 12 Abbott St, Cammeray. Thanks to all the volunteers, Staff and Management of North Sydney Leagues Club who helped make this a successful exhibition.

A major change this year is that any image that has been entered in an FCC Topshot competition previously is ineligible for entry this year.

TopShot Perpetual Trophies

David Miller Perpetual Trophy

  • Topshot Trophy

Keith Musgrave AFIAP Memorial Perpetual Trophies

  • Best Monochrome Print
  • Best Colour Print
  • Best Projected Image

John Newton Perpetual Trophy

  • Best Nature Print

Ron Pearsall Memorial Trophy

  • Best Australian Landscape Projected Image

Barbara Abercrombie AAPS, ESAPS Memorial Trophy

  • Best Nature Projected Image

Alan Hitchell Perpetual Trophy

  • Best Colour Digital Image

Margaret Butt Perpetual Trophy

  • Best Monochrome Digital Image

Elsie Hall Perpetual Trophy

  • Best Creative Digital Image

FCC Topshot Results

Topshot 2015

Topshot 2016 - Catalogue (PDF - 3734KB)

Congratulations to Jim Thomson for "Pairing Kestrels 1A"

Topshot 2015

Topshot 2015 - Catalogue (PDF - 3,961KB)

Congratulations to Glen Parker for "Lone Tree"

Topshot 2014

Topshot 2014 - Catalogue (PDF - 662KB)

Congratulations to Robyn Georges for "Minstrel Boy"

Topshot 2013

Topshot 2013 Results

Congratulations to Jim Thomson "Osprey with Fish"

Topshot 2012

Topshot 2012 Results

Congratulations to Ian English for "Homesick"

Topshot 2011

Topshot 2011 Results

Congratulations to Fred Dockwray for "Hound Escaping Fire"

Topshot 2010

Topshot 2010 Results

Congratulations to Dot Radley for "Edgy"

Topshot 2009

Topshot 2009 Results

Congratulations to Jan Glover for "Collaroy Beach"

Topshot 2008

Topshot 2008 Results

Congratulations to Glen Parker for "The Handover"

Topshot 2007

Topshot 2007 Results

Congratulations to Sue Robertson for "Conference at No 32"

Top Shot 2006

Topshot 2006 Results

Congratulations to Mike West for "Uncle Cedric I"

Top Shot 2005

Topshot 2005 Results

Congratulations to David Miller for "Long Jump"

Top Shot 2004

Topshot 2004 Results

Congratulations to Beth Miller for "Veiled In Blue"